Absolutely! We are offering a protection guarantee if the feedback score does not update after seven days. (Which has never happened yet.) ‍

Our protection guarantee allows you to get a full refund in case of the non-functioning of the system. A non-functioning of the system would be a feedback score that continues to decrease despite the purchase of a feedback package deemed sufficient according to your volume. ‍

Feel free to contact us if you need our suggestion on which package you need according to your volume.

Yes, we provide both a Google Drive where you can access all the videos of your purchased Feedback. And also a Google Sheet with all your Feedback listed. Updates are made on a daily basis to give you peace of mind!

We follow all of Facebook's policies to ensure that we do not violate them in any way.
Since we started, we have never had a case where a client's page has been banned.

We will need the ad preview link to set up the feedback. We will guide you after your purchase on how to get it.

Unfortunately no, we cannot send feedback on restricted pages. It is necessary to make an appeal beforehand and, if your request is accepted, you can buy a package to improve the page score of this one. Or you need to create a new page with a new domain.

Every Wednesday , Facebook updates your page score ( every 7 days ) After setting up your feedback , your score will be revised upwards . ** In some cases , Facebook may take longer to refresh your score .

Absolutely! We guarantee you a refund if our service has not worked . If your page page score decreases after 7 days we will refund the full amount paid . Each week Facebook updates your page score . (generally on Wednesday) After setting up your feedback, your score will be revised upwards. In some cases Facebook updates the page score late ( within 2-3 weeks ) so don't worry . Our functional guarantee allows us to obtain a full refund in the event of a non-functioning of our system. This would be a page score that continues to drop . As a reminder , the purchase of a pack not suited to our recommendations will void the warranty.

We deliver all feedback within a maximum of 7 days . It will therefore take around 7 days for your page score to refresh as well .

After ordering , you will receive an email with instructions on how to start publishing your feedback .

Yes , we have found a solution to counter the update and we can always leave you Feedback in order to raise your page scores .

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